Who we are

Welcome to Multichannel-Germany! Your business success in Germany starts here!

Multichannel-Germany is a company which you should contact first if you are serious about e-commerce on the German market. Because we know firsthand how to:

  • align your business targets and foreign economic strategy with local and international laws;
  • choose the right e-marketplaces to sell your goods or services to German consumers;
  • present your products to German consumers;
  • set up and support customer-care services of your e-business in 24/7;
  • promote your market supply using online and offline advertising tools;
  • expand existing and find new sales channels for your product;
  • develop and start up your online-shops effectively;
  • organize the logistic flows of your e-business;
  • avoid many operational errors in Germany.

Our mission is to open the doors to Germany for entrepreneurs from around the world. Sales agency Multichannel-Germany is the “power button” for the demand on foreign goods and services in Germany. We are a sales office which helps to connect B2C suppliers with their end-users, as well as B2B suppliers with wholesale distributors and other types of business partners in Germany. With us you will obtain a sales representative in Germany which provides market entry into Germany through multichannel integration of your sales.

Thus, Multichannel-Germany is the best retail and wholesale outsourcing-operator in Germany with:

  • more than 15 years experience in B2C and B2B trading;
  • more than 10 years e-commerce experience;
  • more than 8 years Amazon and eBay experience;
  • the professional team in online-shops design and programming (PHP/SQL/Ajax/C++/C#);
  • high level skills in search engine optimization (SEO technologies and tools);
  • large portfolio of successful online-marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • sets of time-tested customer care technologies and conflict resolution;
  • deep knowledge in product management throughout its life cycle;
  • strong expertise in national and international tax regulations;
  • high culture and standards of sales consulting services.

So, push the power button Gand start to win your consumers in Germany!

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