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Congratulations! You have a successful product selling to users in your home country. Great, now it is time to expand to Germany. Where do you start and how do you do it right? Take 3 easy steps with Multichannel-Germany.


First we need to do two things: study the specification of your product and research similar sales in Germany. We do this so we can answer the most important question of how to present your products to German wholesalers and motivate them to buy a trial lot. In addition, at this stage we make preliminary predictions about the dynamics of marketing and map your business risks in terms of actual wholesale in Germany.
As a result you get:

  • qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the German market for your product;
  • how German wholesalers perceive your commercial proposition;
  • optimal strategies for searching for German wholesalers and negotiation tactics;
  • suitable algorithm shipment of your lots for distribution in Germany;
  • analysis of the competitive environment of your brand:
     •  what is the presence of similar brands?
     •  Who are their owners?
     •  How are they positioned?
     •  Who buys their product and for how much?


After a positive decision about entering the German market, it is important to establish a network of interested wholesalers. That is the essence of this step. To do this properly, we provide the following:

  • verification of your product labels and the development of their manuals;
  • the development of a specialized website to present your product and organize communications between you and wholesales or end users;
  • the development of your commercial offer in English and German in a style that is clear and familiar to most German businessmen (structure, rhetoric, rightly placed emphasis);
  • marketing and technical description of your product, including the translations of quality certificates and other official documents that are needed for marketing in Germany;
  • search wholesale distribution channels and contacting their managers;
  • presentation of your business offer to wholesalers;
  • preparation of you and your German partners to sign supply contracts;
  • collection and processing of your orders.

So, you get the doors opened to the German market to build profitable channels for selling. Multichannel-Germany, as your independent sales representative, will do everything possible to turn your wholesale distribution into growing revenue.


Keeping a finger on the pulse of you sales in Germany is the main task of this stage. Our experts hold the key to all practices - from the search for new wholesalers in Germany, to handling feedback from your current partners. In other words, Multichannel-Germany is the sales agency of your business at a distance, but with the organized system of reporting directly to you.
Outsourcing includes:

  • expanding your partnership in Germany (new wholesalers and retail channels);
  • development of documents necessary for your new deals (contracts, annex to them etc.);
  • processing of feedback from your partners and recommendations for you;
  • logistics control of your goods after their market entry into Germany (shipment control);
  • monitoring compliance with the contractual terms by the wholesalers and retailers;
  • study of sales statistics for the timely implementation of changes in your sales strategy;
  • software management of your wholesales, if necessary;
  • the implementation of online marketing, SEO and web-analytics of your website.

This way, you can be sure about the daily management of your business contacts in Germany.

Please, contact us or get advice to receive a specific offer for your customized needs.
You can also explore FAQ to learn details and pitfalls of the e-commerce in Germany.

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