Success stories

Clothing with printed images, from United Kingdom

The company sells t-shirts, pullovers, jackets etc. with custom printed images (game logos, advertising, funny pictures and other visuals). By its order we did all the setup of its online sales in Germany, such as; setting up a German bank account, VAT registration, return address, software setup for different retail channels and shipment software. After that, in order to promote the product to the German market and start the actual ecommerce, we have taken the following measures:

  • Translation of all product descriptions, or developed new ones, so German buyers understand them accurately, develop interest and decide to buy it from our client’s web shop;
  • Listing our client’s products on the popular trading e-platforms in Germany;
  • Launch customer care service system (return handling, processing orders, product questions);
  • Launch the system to track sales statistics.
Thus our client gets all that is required for market entry in Germany. Thanks to this, our client can focus on the multichannel-software to fulfill orders and ship the goods directly out of the UK stock. We have continued working with this client for 2 years and, as a result, our client’s profit increases every month.

High quality olive oil from the Greek plantations

Our client owns 60.000m2 of Olive Trees in South Greece. Oil produced there was already being sold to some exporters, but our customer wanted to expand. We redesigned the product label in English and German. After the pricing and development of the customer strategy, we started the sales process. To call interest to our client’s product among German wholesalers, we sent them samples of olive oil with a commercial offer. In this way, we present the oil in Germany and form a primary basis of potential wholesalers. As soon as one of them is ready to buy a lot of oil, we review the request and forward it to our client. This is an example of Multichannel-Germany as an indispensable sales and marketing agency for B2B traders.

Motorbike leather clothing from Asia

Prior to using our services, the clothing owner only supplied his products to known brands. However, he decided to gain some independence and today wants to sell his products to the European market directly. After reviewing his situation, we completed the following:

  • A sole rights agreement for Europe;
  • Development of a new brand name and logo which are suited for the German and European market;
  • Registration of the domains and development of the online-shop for dealers;
Now our sales team calls new dealers and introduces our new product range. If the customer is interested, we get him registered in the web shop so he can order whenever he likes. Orders are shipped directly from West-Asia to the clients; minimum order amount is 300 Euro.

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